Authograph Tag

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(Image by Joanna Kosinska)

Authograph tags are ideal when you want to quickly tag the authorship (human or AI) in your social media post or other short content.

Find the Right Tag

Answer a few simple questions to check you have the right tag for your post.

Was a generative AI system used in the process of creating this content?

  • This excludes AI-assisted search, unless AI was used to analyze or synthesize the findings.
  • Basic assistance (e.g. spellcheck or typing auto-completion) that does not change or enhance author’s intent is not considered as AI use.

The Meaning Behind the Tag

Similar to SPARS labels on a CD, the letters in the Authograph tag show what types of authorship were involved in different parts of the creative process.

The “Who”…

…and the “Where”

When Should You Use the Tag?

When you want to be transparent about the use of AI (or explicitly show AI was not used), and you do not need notarized details about who and how created the content.

The tag is a great alternative when you cannot include a link or use the label text.

Full Authograph

In other situations, an Authograph record might be better because it can be created in seconds, for free, and offers additional features and benefits.