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Effortlessly credit, certify, and showcase the authorship and creative journey behind your work.

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Why Use Authograph?

How Authograph Benefits You and Your Readers

Learn how Authograph lets you build trust and credibility with your audiences by promoting transparency in authorship.

What Is Authograph?

Authograph is a record of how a work was created. It shows who did what, from the initial idea to the final touches, and if and where AI was used in the process.

Authograph’s at-a-glance authorship label and notarized credits promote transparency in content creation. It can chart how the activities relate to each other and which creative domains they contribute to.

Designed for individual artists as well as collaborative teams, it provides a simple way to share the creative contributions and the story behind your work with your audience.

Unveil Your Creative Journey

Showcase the authorship and contributions in your work by creating an Authograph record:

  1. Create credits for the authors in your work.
  2. Add connections and details across creative domains, as needed.
  3. Publish and share a link to your Authograph with your audience.

Learn more about Using Authograph.

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